As millions of people explore the coast of urban Mumbai, they are spellbound by the far-stretched Arabian Sea. Mumbaikar’s find themselves quite proud to be living in a place that embraces the sea, but to have the chance to own a sea-facing house in the city? 

On this World Oceans Day, here are 5 reasons why you should live closer to the sea:

Breathtaking Views Of The Sea

There’s no denying every sea-facing property in Mumbai has breathtaking views, but what makes such residential projects in Andheri stand out from the rest?

One of the reasons why there is a surge in buying sea-facing homes is because of the irreplaceable sea-views. From waking up to beautiful sunrises and breathtaking sunsets ,sea-facing homes make it more enthralling than they already are. However, Andheri’s lesser reclaimed surroundings and beach views are why your search should stop here. Especially with Raiaskaran Parthenon towering 70 metres tall, it is the perfect answer to the best sea view homes in Andheri West. Besides, living in a serene and peaceful environment positively impacts your health and well-being and leads to a tranquil lifestyle. 

Fresh Breeze to Blow Away Your Mind 

Oceans are responsible for 70% of oxygen on this planet, it is as vital for us as trees. Living close to the city won’t just take away your stress but also give you the calm of  warm breeze’s and sound of the waves. Experience the soothing feeling that the waves bring with sea-view residences at Raiaskaran Parthenon.                                                                                                                                                                                            

World-Class Amenities that Overlook The Sea: 

Having a sea-facing flat usually speaks about one’s affluence as these apartments are in upmarket locales of the city. However, affluence does not always mean peace. Your home should not only be in a popular area, but your neighbourhood must be safe, peaceful, and respectable with seamless access to all essential amenities for your family. The Raiaskaran Parthenon is one of those residential projects in Andheri West that can connect you to Michelin-starred and Instagram-famous restaurants and clubs, as well as reputable health care services and educational institutions.

Sea – Ways Connectivity Like No Other: 

The connectivity from Andheri west to the corporate and recreation hotspots is why this location takes the cake as one of the most accessible places. You also get to unwind by the beach in comfort. The seamless transport availability and connectivity like the metro to the local railway network from Andheri is what makes this location a preferable homebuyer choice. The Raiaskaran Parthenon is no different. This residential property in Andheri West proves to be the perfect sea-facing apartment for all the reasons mentioned above. 

Investment are as Important as Vitamin C: 

Besides owning a sea-facing property for yourself, investing in one opens doors to many opportunities. Listing a furnished sea-facing home makes for a great holiday rental or an Airbnb. Foreign residents, or NRIs, frequently prefer such vacation rentals, and if your home offers unrivalled views of the Arabian Sea in the heart of Mumbai, this is a plus point.

The 4 & 5 BHK flat in Andheri W present breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea, thus making them desirable sea-facing residential properties for sale in Andheri West. Furthermore, our skilled architects offer you homes with thoughtfully planned layouts, making them the most suitable luxurious sea-facing homes for every family.

If you are looking for a sea-facing flat in Mumbai’s most loved location, Andheri, come visit us at Raiaskaran Parthenon.


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