For many of us, offices are our second homes where we spend nearly 60 hours every week. Let’s admit, workplaces or commercial spaces are much like living spaces where we feel a sense of belonging.

But just like a messy house drains our energies, cluttered desks, unkempt floors, squalid ceilings and claustrophobic office spaces do stifle our faculties. Truly it’s said that office designs and structures impact employee productivity and well-being to a large extent, besides maximising creative outputs. This is a place where all of us want to feel valued.

Business leaders, too, believe that a healthy workspace ultimately leads to a healthier workforce. Recent trends indicate that employee stress levels and health are becoming concerns for corporates. Understandably, the approach of an enlightened management is to focus on relaxed and aesthetically pleasing office spaces, comfortable temperature, light-filled areas and limited noise to boost productivity and keep workers motivated.

How perfect commercial spaces contribute to organisations’ growth…

Additionally, cool office spaces reflect a company’s culture. Organisations that care about employees’ ergonomic and psychological needs end up attracting prospective clients too. Moreover, companies that invest in creative office spaces inspire employees to be loyal to the brand. 

Not only do such values help retain the top talent, but they also improve synergies among employees and foster collaborative efforts while pursuing common goals. Only recently, the University of Warwick published a study saying it found a 12% productivity boost in employees who felt happy and supported. The research added organisations that cared for office design had a better chance of retaining employees. “Under scientifically controlled conditions, making workers happier really pays off,” Professor Andrew Oswald at the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick was quoted as saying.

When the physical ecosystem is right, energies flow through the corridors. Even the right colours around, as ’70’s colour psychologist Angela Wright puts it, influence our behaviour, which is seen in the way we think and work.

Teams connect and interact in this bright environment that helps accelerate innovation. Having best-in-class commercial space facilities give organisations a distinct advantage over their competitors.

It explains why modern commercial spaces go beyond offering just regular facilities. Location advantages (comfortable distance from home to workplace), easy connectivity to office, civic amenities, and sustainable architecture are the predominant components.

Why RTP offers the perfect commercial space in Mumbai

For evidence on this, look no further than Raiaskaran Tech Park, popularly called RTP, a gold standard in real estate commercial spaces and a blueprint for commercial spaces in Mumbai. Not only does RTP enjoy seamless connectivity via the metro to suburban train stations on the Central and Western lines, but its proximity to the international terminal and the domestic terminal also gives it a distinct advantage. The major hotel chains, restaurants and networking lounges around make it a ripe location for businesses.

What more does RTP offer?

RTP Commercial spaces

Furthermore, RTP harnesses the energising and restorative powers of nature, which is evident in its commercial space designs. Reviewers have likened Raiaskaran Tech Park to an oasis that’s replete with sprawling lawns and trees, providing visitors spatial relief from the urban frenzy around. As the group’s founder Mr Shobhit J Rajan says, planting trees allows him to express gratitude to nature.

The campus-style design and aero-bridges further emphasise the setting’s harmony with nature.

RTP has also earned rave reviews as one of Maharashtra’s leading private IT parks. An ISO-certified company, RTP uses its own water treatment plant. It chemically scrubs wastewater that can also be used for irrigation.

The Core & Shell Certification, a rating system for real-estate projects, accorded to the group is testimony to Raiaskaran’s unwavering commitment to a greener future.

How it achieves a world-class yardstick in commercial construction could be gauged by the following:

1) 100% Power Back up with Kohler DG sets: 

RTP is connected with dual feed from TATA Power and BSES having substations within the premises, providing an unlimited supply of low-cost power.

2) Fire-fighting/safety:

United States National Fire Protection Act (USNFPA) norms have been adhered to.

3) Water resources:

Apart from the water storage tanks of adequate capacity, the complex boasts of:

4) Rainwater harvesting:

Water is conserved by harvesting rainwater for irrigation and other purposes. The complex has its own water treatment plant that chemically scrubs and treats all the grey/wastewater, which is then utilised for irrigation and flushing purposes.

LEED-ing by example…

Additionally, RTP has steadfastly taken up the sustainability baton, upholding high environmental standards and installing energy-efficient systems. The group has led initiatives such as switching to green energy sources by approximately 40% across commercial assets and has acquired Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design buildings (LEED) platinum pre-certification, one of the most stringent certifications globally.

For the uninitiated, LEED-certified commercial buildings have superior indoor air quality as opposed to that in normal offices. It’s seen that organisations that follow LEED guidelines reduce air-quality related illnesses by nearly 50%. This translates into fewer sick leaves for employees and a substantial increase in productivity levels.

A recent study has indicated that employees’ efficiency rate increases by 25% when they function in a LEED-certified space. It’s observed that green-minded companies attract millennials too. In general, commercial space for sale gets better rental rates when it offers green spaces to tenants. That’s because LEED-certified properties consume less water and electricity which reduces overall costs and improves the bottom line.

What’s the significance of the art gallery at RTP?

At RTP, all these features are well complemented by the best of art pieces from all over the world. RTP is the proud owner of a world-class art gallery located in the lobby that displays the work of 20 internationally renowned artists. Through this art gallery, the RTP founders share their passion for art with the masses.

Setting sights on higher goals…

Over the years, Raiaskaran has stood tall as a symbol of trust and excellence in Mumbai’s commercial and residential real estate space. Now, the group’s promoters are keen to expand into the hospitality real estate sector.

Charles Eames, a famed furniture designer, once said, “Eventually everything connects—people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.” And connecting with quality is what sets Raiaskaran apart from the rest.


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